Workshop goals

The workshop will be connected to the 13th Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems – ITS 2016 ( The frontiers that we take into account to build bridges are of two kinds: geographical and conceptual. Therefore, the workshop has as goals to extend the community of Intelligent Tutoring Systems in two directions. First of all, we aim that researchers which did not had yet a contact with the ITS community due to geographical distance to have the opportunity to present their work and, meanwhile participate to the main conference and meet people with a long history of participation at the ITS conferences. Consequently, the main group of participants that we aim (and we will make known the workshop) is that of newcomers in the ITS community, especially from the region of and around Croatia, which includes an important number of universities, research institutes and countries. Their number and the short distance will, we hope, encourage many researchers to submit a paper and attend the workshop and the main conference.

A second goal of the workshop is to bring new ideas, approaches and experiences to the ITS community. In recent ITS conferences new grounds were investigated, like collaborative learning, serious games, learning in MOOCs, etc. The workshop continues this trend and encourages also the consideration of other domains and approaches.